Index of photos

Las Vegas August 8-11, 2009

Montreat NC, July 22-27, 2009

Colorado July 9-11, 2009

Mendy, Lizzy and Anna

2008/2009 Holidays

DEVO and Chrissie Hynde in Akron, OH October 17, 2008

1970 Impala Hot Rod!

Kevin and Cory's Wedding

Yard March 22 and April 6, 2008

Spring Break with Clayton and Ashton Young - March 16-21, 2008

Curt and Karen Knutson's Home in Blanco, TX

Backyard Landscaping

DEVOtional 2007

Lakewood Yacht Club Keels and Wheels 05/06/07

Breckenridge, CO October 2006

San Diego, CA September 14-23, 2006

Fredcave 2.0

Mom and Dad's 50th Anniversary Cruise

Lisa, Jackie, Connie and Cindy in Las Vegas

Cleveland OH Aug. 2005 to see DEVO!

Lisa's New Thunderbird!

North Carolina July 11-18 2005

The Lazy Squirrel

Forest Park Class of 1980 25th reunion June 18 2005

Suzanne and Pat's Engagement Party June 4 2005

Art Car Parade May 14, 2005

Clark's Bike Shop in Asheville, NC, May 2005

Swim Spa Installation April 26-27, 2005

Cruise to Cozumel February 17-21. 2005

Las Vegas October 2004

Karen and Curtis Knutson Wedding June 4-5, 2004

Liz and William Manson's Wedding May 29, 2004

Art Car Parade May 8, 2004

Galveston Mardi Gras 2004

Max and Josie 1/10/2004

Gabriel Antonio Hollins has Arrived!

Montreat, NC July 19-26, 2003

Jack Fury's Party

Cancun, Mexico May 2003

Last pictures of Buster. Along comes Max.

Long Beach, CA.

Puget Sound and Seattle WA

Christmas 2002 in Montreat NC

Flash Flood! 8/14/2002

Josie ,our new cat, and Buster.

Curtis builds our pond.

Montreat NC, July 4-7, 2002

Art Car Parade April 27, 2002

Clayton Young at 6 months old!

North Carolina October 2001, Colorful trees, Grandpa! 

Clayton Young has Arrived!

Fred Actually Sold a Car!

Lisa and Fred's Wedding Photos

Cat Springs Engagement Party

Cat Springs Ranch with Austin and Susan

Early Christmas 2000 in Sherman, TX

Ashley and John's Wedding in New Orleans

Fred and Lisa's Engagement Party in Sherman, TX, given by Lisa's Mom, Jackie

Fred and Lisa's Home


North Carolina


1999 Christmas




Y2K Party


DEVO Concert Photos


Art Car Parade 2000


Lakewood Yacht Club Wheels and Keels show 2000


Alex's Birthday Party


Lisa's LeTourneau Class Reunion


Forest Park Class of 1980 20th Reunion