DEVO tional 2001

Scott Orsi, Organizer of DEVOtional2001 and founder of Spud Talk.

* DEVOtional 2001 - We DID repeat! *

Thanks to everyone who made this such a fantastic event. It was indeed a resounding success! Special thanks to Rev. Toth Wilder and Michael Pilmer for assisting me in organizing this years DEVOtional. Thanks also to Jade Dellinger for supplying artifacts for the DEVOseum, and to Mike Watters for supplying the rare videos. I must also thank Joe Machos for producing the wonderful NNBBM Vol. 2 CD. This CD should be released by a record label, that's how good it is! Thanks to all the Spud Talkers who contributed to these performances.

General Boy and "Jungle" Jim Mothersbaugh were great! I can't thank them enough for donating their time to share DE-eVOlutionary info with us. It was truly an honor to have them there. Thanks to the one and only Rev. Ivan Stang. He was entertaining and profound as usual. Thanks also to Roger Casale for attending. It was a pleasure to finally meet you.

Malcolm Tent pulled of a short but sweet acoustic set, CD Truth rocked, and MARVELKiND blew us ALL away! Seth, you guys are record deal bound, believe me. Thanks so much for performing. Thanks also to my Spudboys brethren, Mark, Will, and Rick. We fought through some adversity in truly inspired DE-eVOlutionary spirit. The DEVO-A-Oke songs were performed with stunning precision! Thanks to Nick, Seth, Scott, Toth, Michael, & Tom (who also delivered a DEVOlved mutation of Booji Boy as "Chimp-Boy".)

Most of all, I must say that I was touched by the sense of community, cooperation, and kinship that was prevalent throughout the entire weekend. It is very rewarding to meet with fellow Spuds who are so genuine, and giving of themselves. More than anything, that made all the time and effort I invested in DEVOtional 2001 a very worthwhile and memorable experience.

Duty Now For The next DEVOtional,

- Scott