Presented by the members of Spud Talk:
 The 2nd occurance of the DEVO convention. It takes courage to be a DEVO fan these days, and these geeks have what it takes to stand up and shout "WE'RE ALL DEVO!".





Guest Speakers:
  • General Boy returned to dispatch important information and insight into past, present and future DE-eVOlution.
  • Rev. Ivan Stang-..of The Church of The SubGenius also returned to rant and share DEVOlved memoirs.
  • "Jungle" Jim Mothersbaugh! DEVO's first drummer , and technician of one of the first ever electronic drum sets delighted us with tales of DEVO history.
  • Also in attendance was Roger Casale, brother of Jerry and Bob.
  • Malcolm Tent-Soothed the crowd with his accoustic set.
  • CD Truth-Returned for a sonic assault to the very foundation of 'DNALEVELC'.
  • MARVELKiND-Frequently infiltrating and dismantling the exclusive Chicago music scene fortress, here's a band truly DEVOlved and on a mission.
  • The SPUDBOYS-Composed of Spud Talk members, led by the fearless Scott Orsi, with Professor VonMarco on bass, Will (Yoni Pin) on lead guitar, and Rick Harris keeping the beat.
  • Rare DEVO videos and recordings from the archives of Mike Watters, Michael Pilmer and Scott Orsi, some of which have never been seen or heard by the public, or even DEVO fans!
  • Buying, selling, trading DEVO items. One spud's garbage is another's treasure!
  • DEVO artifacts were on display from insanely meticulous collections!
  • Spuds from around the world had the chance to meet and see the faces behind the e-mails.

Fred Hollins, who put this site together, was kind enough to donate his time
and web space for us. He's a spud who cares.

See the DEVOtional 2000 web site.

DEVOtional 2002 is coming up!