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    These newspaper stories are written by, for the most part, people who know Devo as "that band that did 'Whip It' and who wore red flower pot hats." I'm sure you're very aware that most folks just don't "get" Devo. I don't think the guys who wrote these articles really "get" why people would come to an event like this. Just keep that in mind when reading the articles included here.

    There are one or two bits of mis-info (ie: I'm not from Chicago, and more than 30 folks attended...the total was closer to 45), but don't let that distract you.

    I really like the photos that each paper chose to use, and the quotes they decided to run are pretty funny.

    When these reporters called me to get "info on the event", I figured they wanted the usual when/where/admission info for a simple event listing. I found out that they were actually interviewing me for a full article later. Quotes made in jest were pulled out of our leisure conversation and used in the articles...and I'm surprised I got out of Ohio without being killed by irate locals!

    I never expected this event to get ANY media the fact that all these articles even exist is interesting enough.

    Have fun reading!

-Michael Pilmer
Reluctant Representative of Devo Geeks Worldwide

Akron Beacon Journal: 8.20.00
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Scene Magazine: 9.14.00
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Akron Beacon Journal: 9.14.00
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